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Have a missionary in a far away land, or a friend back home? International shipping can be incredibly confusing, so we’ll help you get your loved ones’ gifts to them quickly.

Sick of getting business spam, or packages so big they block your front door? Don’t want to give your new renter your address? This is the service for you.

Your favorite person deserves a thoughtful surprise. Here at the Optimal Ship Center, we think the best gifts are often lovingly homemade and crafted carefully to reflect warmth.


What our customers are saying.

  • The Optimal Ship Center has always done exactly what they said they’re going to do…ship optimally. They are always ready to help when I need help. I don’t always know how to pack something but they’ll know how to do it and do it quickly for almost nothing. I will always return to them to ship my packages, especially to my pen pal in Romania.

    - Kathryn A.
  • I LOVE the Optimal Ship Center!! The biggest reason I choose Optimal is because they will do everything for me if needed. Packing, labeling, making sure I’m shipping to the correct place ( yes, I have gotten my receiver’s mixed up) and they got it done with very little help from me. Once I was in their system, it was a matter of matching my receiver’s and finding the best provider. Sometimes it’s LSO because it will get there on time and sometimes it the USPS because I don’t care how long it takes.

    - Marquee C.

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Thank you for stopping by the Optimal Ship Center website today! Here you’ll find all of the information about what we do, how we do it, and how we can help make your shipping experience optimal.

We are a small business that specializes in an excellent shipping experience in Allen, TX. Quality shipping services here in Allen can be difficult, frustrating, or generally unpleasant to find – so it’s a good thing you found us! We are all about making your day easier and better.

We are and support small, local business by selling specialty wares, shipping supplies, and gifts that are sourced locally from hard-working entrepreneurs right here in Allen. Feel free to check out our website for more information!

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